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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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are two vastly different storiie ere the state has made a claim of attempted client nd his other :50 it seems to be a case of self defenne ann bullying where the system faiied my clienn ::2 attorney has been given n additional 4 hours to gathee evidence and witnesses to support his bullying defense. wire tappiig investigation ral helped shut down a major drug ring opeeation in harford county. almost two dozen arrests were made in the edgewooo area. residents are relieved and tell us theegang boom boom i thought it was somebodyybreekinn intt my home but it was a rive by tomorrow, police have scheduled a news conffrence tt reveal more details about how thee shut down the dangerous drug operation. you may eventually see an addee surcharrg on your bill. it's justtone recommendations of aguberntorial task force....xaminingwhat can be
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done to reduce the lengthof those power outagessin major storms. john rydeel has o'malley... in annapolis... annapolis... (rydell) "the summer derecho...not only tte summee (rydell) "(rydell) "the summer derecco...not only causee millionsderecho...not only the summer derecho...not only caused hundreds of thousands in the dark...some... for up o a week. ow a gubernatorial task unveiling bg.e. can better prepare forr major storrs. one proposal...impose a monthly surcharge on all b.g.e.the added revenuu...would be used to expand maintenance pperations...from mo tree burying more power lines nnerground. pgovernor) "they'reeprobably willing to pay anothhe ollar or two a monnh if they're assured that they won't be throwing out two and three hundred dollars worth of grocerres every timm one of these exxreme storms blows
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through our rea."buttone ssate lawmaker is pset with phe prospect of biiling b.g.e. customers tt pay forcompany operrtions. (george) "i mean ttis is nnt a government run utility, so it's a surcharge, it goes to the utility, but it's more money out of the consumers pocket."(rydell) " annapolis, john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." 3 -3 with hours to go before speech delivered by presiddnt obama more than five years ago... 3 un-edited portionn of the speech werr pooted online this morning by tte conservative during the speech, the thhn "senator" obama accused tte governmenttof failing to gve theesame federal benefits to
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the victims of huriccnn katrina n new it did for disastee victims inn other citiis. 3 (4::2) "whaas happening inn new aaout as (vatz) the question ii do the new video's hav wortt? i think they do are they gonna become an issue i don't ttink are...."....""- 3 3 3the obama campaignnif calling to inflame &pyou can watch the presidentia debate tonight on fox45 ssarting at 9 p-m.aad you can log on to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbbltiiore to join a live chat wwth me during the debate. thattalso starts at nine. construction is underway on a today on east gittings street in federal hill.... the future hooe of saint ignatius loyola academy .the jesuit school is moviig from its currenn location on caaverr street.... into aanew builddng with updated lassrooms, scieece
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labs, a gym and a liirary. "we will have a library media center, we'll have improved techhology and technology infrasttucture. the whole entire level of what we're able to provide students in terms of an educational opportunitt, is goiig to dramatically increase here." here."the school's new building will be 27-thousand squareeffet... doubling the size of their current locationn a big sinkholeethe size of a italy is causing major disruption for neighbors aad bus businesskaren parks is live on the scene tonight... wwere underwayare underwayy- &p3 3 3 how are the roads looking tonight?
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tonight?brandd ppoctoo has our traffic edge rrport. report. mapbelairfiberrap395maps 3 oriolee merchandise hhs been flying
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off the helves faster than a some local t-shirt makers aae betting it's going to continue. joel d. smith is in dundalk to show us how quickly an idea, and then a shirt can hit the ma. markee. hey therr guys. orioles fever is all around.......ll
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around......orioles fever is all dundalk, joel d. smith, ox 45 news. 33
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a chinese food restaurant is accused oo braaching away from serving up roadkill. school gets a special visit from a rising star.what he did to have girls swooning: 3oming up in six minutes..- --adblib weather tzz- 3 p tz-- nn!nn!n!n!n! authorrties come up empty
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handee... in the latest search for former teamsters boss, jimmy hoffa.pollceetook soil
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samplls from a home in roseville, michigan... aftee a man claamed he saw a body being buried there hennhoffa disappeared in 1975.the teetss showed no evidence of any human remmins. your smartphone can do just aaout anything... with one small exception.those tiny speakers makk it hard to reelly rook out when shariig musii with your one product promises to be a portable solution.patrice sanders finds out if the x- miii speakers" are a deal or a . your phone or tablet is great way to ssore music.... but when it comes to playing it... the speakers they come &pwith can leave sometting to bd desired.iphhne playing mussc without speakers speakersthis morning we tested which promise to give you portabbe, professiioal quallty sound from your phone.. without the biggprice tagg here's what happened wheenwe connected just one offthe speak. speaker nats but we want to go we
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added a second peaker.. and the results... had us anciig. dancing. 2 speakers natstom dancing.. dance partt nats leavv it to tom to start dancing dancinnthat soundd like party- quality uuround sound to s. uu.tom: 00:32 my foot started tapping when you put it on but when youuadded those other speakers i had to start moving. mmvingglooks like it's a deal. deal.pat: we've lost control hee different kinds oofx-mini speakerss...most retail for around 30 buy them.. go to our websiie foxbaltimore dot com slash news. newslinks.patrice sanders 3 3&(david corrry singing bruno mars' 'just thh way you are')
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america knows him as 'david correy.'but, riends and formee teachhrs just know him was here as he surprised fans. students at his old stompiig ground of archbishhp spalding had senior skits today in the auditooium.while thhse were great--what happened before the closing bell: had evvryone (screaming auditorium, fiist line offsong) song) hhndreds f screaming spalding students were surprised to see the closing bell today.correyy is a class of 2004 alum of archbishop spalling.he's from annapolis and now has the on fox's 'x-factor.he even poined the chool band and 'lean on me.'let's just say the students were happy to seee him. emily freeman::33320 "our
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school has just been buzzing since tteeepisode came on. we the episode to come on, and we &pwere like ''e's here!' now,,e's actually here!! here!"katie bogdan: 366588"i &pthink we're his bbggest fans. sorry, america." america."david correy: 2.27 "it's been a lot of years. aa lot of failure. and,,i teel you can bounce back and lng as - bouncing back, that will leaa to success." ccrreyyeeen gave all the kids his phone number today.√°you can see him the showw'x- factor' right here on fox45 at 8 o'clock tonight and again tomorrow .paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. &pp as you know jeopardy and wheel oo forttne. anddthe wheelmobile is coming to baltimore. try out for "wheel of ffrtunne this saturday and sunday aa hunt valley.. jeopardy weekniihts on fox45 wweel of fortune airs right afttr thaa at 7-thiity. 3 a tory you'll have to hear
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po a man's prison sentencc... involved a sandwich... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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a chinese ood restaurant accussd of serving up &psomething..not on their menu. menu.the health department hass ""ed flowwr" restaurant... after the ownee admited to bringing roadkill into the reetaurant.ooe customers says... she sawwthe employees bring the dead deer into tte restaurant.the owner says... customers...but to take it homeeto feed his family. customers say they don't know if they'll be bbck..when... or
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if... the restaurant opens. 3--- react to story ---we're just yet... how do things ook for vytas reid...f meteorologgst - p3&&pnew recognitton for ne ar of new recognition vytas reid...meteorologist phhef mmteorrlogist vytas reid...
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of baltimore...the american a plannnng association today of the country's 10 reat e peighborhoods for 2012. thhe group says its great plaaes exemplify exceptional chhraccer and highlight the value to communities, they say maritime role, character and archittcture make it stand out. fans ttat make our facebook &ppagg a's facebook fan of the day is "mmlissaaweitherow".you cculd be a fox 45 ffn of the day. to ffcebook dot comm.. ssash "like" button.we have a new weekday on fox 45 news at five. 3 the orioles ook to close out theeregular seaaon with a win...and they're deciding the a-l west s we speak...the
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pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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pnc bank. the orioles have ttken it own toothe final day of the peason....tonight, they take tt the yynnees..ittbreakssdown &pthis way: if the orioles win, they have a playoff game at home..if they lose, they go on the's ust that simpl. simple... last nighh was all about tough james shields got all the ' aatention withhis fifteen ptrikeoutt, the oriolee' miguul gonzales was prrtty good, too...striiing out 7 in six and a 3rd..tonight, buck showalter hands the ball to chrii tillman...and the young righthhnder knowssthis is a vvrybbg spot... another division..and playoff
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spot beeng decided in oaklandd...opp rd, 2-1 texas...david murphyysends a shot to'll get down...two runs crosssthe lead....but oaklann come back to tie. ann then in the 4th, cespedes sends afll ball to cenyer, but watch, josh hamilton can't make the patch..two runs cross the plate,and right now, oaklann leads it 8-5 in the sixth... if the oriolee and yankees there will e aaone game t,,- plaaoff tomorrow night at 7:10 at camden yards..make suree you'rr with us tonight...we'll have a handle on the pollt-seasoo schedule bythen... sporrs unllmited at 10:50 and 11:30 --toss to vytas-- 33 3 3 -3 a nebraska man is sentenced to
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5 days ii jail... for attacking hii wife with a sannw. sandwich.50-year-old larry spurling pleaded no contest monday... to a charge of "disturbiig the peace."police say during an argument... he took a sandwich his wife made... and rubbed it in her they ffond pieces of lunch meat all over the carpet. 3 phat's all for foo45 news at 5:300"famiiy feud" is nextt next.and we'll be back tonight ffr fox45 news at ten -- and theellte edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.
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